Hydrographic Equipment

Multibeam Echo Sounders

 SeaBat 9001 455hhz 350m system

 SeaBat T20-P

 SeaBat T50-P

 SeaBat 7101 240khz 300m or 1500m system

 SeaBat 8125 455khz 600m or 1500m system

 SeaBat 8125-H 455khz 600m or 1500m system

 SeaBat 8125 dual head

 SeaBat 8128 Multibeam Imaging sonar

 SeaBat 7125 single head dual frequancy 200/400kHz

 SeaBat 7125 dual head 200/400kHz

 SeaBat 7128 forward looking sonar dual frequancy 400/200kHz

 SeaBat 7111

Kongsberg EM3002 - single head

Kongsberg EM3002 - dual head

Kongsberg EM710 (2 x 2 degree array)

GeoAcoustics Geoswath Plus (250 or 125KHz) w/ altimeter

GeoAcoustics vessel mount

GeoAcoustics GeoTexture post processing software

GeoAcoustics GeoSwath Plus for ROV (250KHz 3000m)


Single Beam Echo Sounders

Odom Echotrac MKIII DF 3200 w/ 24/200KHz transducer

Odom Hydrotrak single channel system c/w 200KHz transducer

Kongsberg EA418P Echosounder

Knudsen 320M


Software with Dongle

Teledyne PDS  - Data Acquisition, Processing and visualisation software

QINSy Data Acquisition & Processing software